Age of Adepts novel – A Chinese Novel about Magic!!

This Age of Adepts Novel is one of my favorite novels and I will introduce this to you. Our main character isn’t a jerk, also not over-powered, the main character isn’t an idiot, and definitely not a beta, he is creative but not a genius, and he is modest but not pitiful. Finally! His soul has a chip which helps him organize, optimize and analyze information, it’s not a Cheat but is helpful, a tool, not a crutch. Our main character died and came back to life in the body of an apprentice of magical school the story up until now is him advancing as a pupil. This isn’t a normal magic school, its isolated and desperate, everybody is seeking edge and doing mad experiments on themselves to progress. The teacher Anderson isn’t seen, in fact up until the chapter I’ve read to he’s not taught them one lesson, he’s too busy with his own business. Can we see more at manga


The main character is a fire user with a shadow feature, this rarely comes into play early in publication cause he doesn’t have the resources to cultivate those talents; rather he focuses on using his chip to create optimized Golems. The magical world and system in always expanded on without being overwhelming, our main character believe like we would, therefore there’s not face-palming at him missing an obvious thought that he uses his imagination to fuse golems and cover his weakness. Power scale is nicely done too, the pace picks up and shows us this when three foreign advanced students sneak into the school grounds, we see the gap in amounts, the main character only survives through trickery. It is also that trickery that allows him to punch above his weight and it’s satisfying to see. Later from the Age of Adepts novel, the world expands from the slow dreary swamp school tower, they get sent on assignment to more resource-rich schools and he spreads rapidly, better Golems are used, he stops holding back a little, he gets a cool new look, and he does so while still being comparatively modest(Writer seems tempted to make him a jerk and walks it back). The majority of the significant secondary characters are antagonists with the exception of Mary the Vampires; she took some getting used to and I couldn’t get past her murdering some random student but she was moving through an uncontrollable mutation, and she does not turn the main character into a horny idiot. Her objective is actually to be utilized as a cover for the main character; he takes the spotlight while he plots his increase. So, this is truly a gem with huge potential. Read it if you haven’t yet. As a novel reader and love reading Light Novel Online, I highly recommend this!


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